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Corrections Products Hard and Soft Restraints Boa Cuff Max BOA High Security Smith & Wesson Leg Irons
Leg Irons


BOA High Security Smith & Wesson Leg Irons also utilize either MEDECO or ASSA Desmo High Security Restricted lock system, recognized leaders in pick resistance lock system, just like the BOA High Security Smith & Wesson Handcuffs.  Each set can be keyed alike or keyed differently. Both MEDECO and ASSA Desmo use restricted key control systems to prevent unauthorized key duplication.  Keys cannot be duplicated by locksmiths because the blank keys are factory restricted.  Only pre-approved authorized purchasers may legally obtain duplicate keys.

Standard-Sized Leg Iron:
Weight 19 oz./ 539 g
Minimum Inside Perimeter 7.5 in./ 191 mm
Maximum Inside Perimeter 10 in./ 254 mm
Minimum Opening 2.75 in./ 70 mm
Maximum Overall Length 24.25 in./ 616 mm