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SureGuard Correctional Chair
SureGuard Correctional Chair
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SureGuard Correctional Chair 4


The SureGuard™ Correctional Chair has been used in correction facilities in North America for over 25 years due to its proven safety and performance. You may recognize it by its original name, the ERC Restraint Chair.

The chair is easy to use and completely adjustable for most sized people. It features shoulder straps, ankle straps, locking lap and wrist straps, and a brand new Double Latch Hook ‘n Loop Elbow strap to ensure a secure fit, and prevents the detainee to apply force in an attempt to get free, while being secured comfortably.

The SureGuard™ Correctional Chair is constructed from a one-piece box steel welded frame for durability, and can handle people from 80lbs to 400lbs. It features a full length padded seat which ensures a secure and comfortable seating position, and a high, density plastic skid plate which enables easier transport and the rotation of the chair in a parked or confined area.

Other features include:

  • Handles detainees from 80lbs. to 400lbs.
  • Hook ‘n Loop soft restraint straps for secure restraint of detainees while providing maximum comfort
  • High density skid plate mounted underneath the foot plate allows for easier chair rotation in place (not meant for transport)
  • Elbow and wrist straps ensure full restraint of detainees and prevents detainee to apply force in an attempt to get free
  • Shoulder straps do not restrict breathing
  • Easy to use, and completely adjustable for most sized people
  • Keeps detainees and handlers SAFE!


Please review the product specification for more information about this product.

The SureGuard Correctional Restraint Chair is also available in a Junior-Sized Model. Please review the Specification Sheet below for more details.