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Drugloo Covert
Drugloo Buggy Compact
Drugloo Buggy Ranger
Drugloo Buggy Ranger
Drugloo DL6 Anti-Microbial Concentrate


SWS Group has the technicians, and parts to keep your Drugloo unit in good operating condition.


Preventative Maintenance

To ensure staff have confidence in the operation of your device, SWS recommends a yearly Preventative Maintenance visit from one of our technicians. We will perform a multi-point inspection and operational testing to confirm the unit is in good working order. This maintenance period is also a time to clean, or replace any partially clogged or flawed parts on your Drugloo unit.. 


Emergency Service

SWS also offers an on-site, on-demand service of your Drugloo unit. We stock pumps, switches, valves, spray nozzles, power supplies and other commonly replaceable parts. An SWS technician can be on site to get your unit back up, and running quickly. If your need is urget, we can typically respond within 48 hours.


Operator Training

Anytime an SWS technician is on site, we are happy to run an Operator Training session at no extra charge. If the Operator Training is needed as a separate site visit to accomodate staff schedules or the introduction of a new unit into your facility, SWS is here to help.


Drugloo DL6 Anti-Microbial Fluid Disinfectant Cleaner

DL6 is an anti-microbial concentrate which has been especially adapted from an internationally used product to provide the low foaming characteristic required in our range of Drugloo equipments. The use of this product is recommended to provide the maximum protection to the operators whilst ensuring recovered items are sterilised. Safety data sheets available on request.

The DL-6 Disinfectant Cleaner is supplied in the following:

  • Cartons of 4 x 2.5 litres - for Drugloo Covert, Evolution and Classic
  • Cartons of 20 x 250ml - for Drugloo Buggy and Drugloo Ranger
  • Cartons of 50 x 2.5ml - hand spray bottles for external cleaning/sanitising of the equipment.


Please contact us at 1-877-797-1999 for more information or to schedule your Drugloo Maintenance!