Our Insulated Trays from JonesZylon are very durable. The enhanced design significantly increases wall thickness in the areas most vulnerable to fracturing, impeding water from getting inside the tray through cracks and holes. The corner plug is ‘welded’ in with a proprietary process that ensures a long lasting seal. The interior foam is modified with a hydrophobic additive that repels moisture, resisting your trays from becoming water-logged bacteria farms like other trays.

Key Features:

  • Compartments individually seal when stacked. Hot stays hot, and cold stays cold.
  • Material blend for superior impact resistance and durability.
  • Interior bead around perimeter for added strength.
  • Economate® foam system completely fills interior area.
  • Temperature range; -40˚f to 190˚f; dishwasher safe.
  • Meets FDA requirements as a multi-use product for public food service.

Available Colours: Refer to Product Specifications

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