Laundry Straps are a quick and easy way to manage laundry. Unlike laundry bags, laundry straps allow clothes to wash and dry as if they were loose. Since the clothes are sorted properly, Laundry Straps cut drying time, energy consumption and utility costs by half.

Compared to mesh laundry bags, Laundry Straps get your clothes thoroughly cleaned while creating the right weight balance distribution during the washing cycle. Weight imbalances cause wear and tear to the machine which will cost you a lot in the future.

Key Benefits:

  • Eliminate the need to sort loose garments
  • Feature a sock snare which can secure socks, hats and gloves
  • Minimize wrinkles in clothing
  • Dry clothes in half the time
  • Outlast mesh bags

Standard length: 20”

  • Hold six to eight garments and two to three pairs of socks
  • Nine available colours for easy identification and organization
    (Green, Blue, Yellow, Royal Blue, Red, White, Orange, Black, Med Grey/Taupe)
  • Made In Canada