The EcoSecurity Utensil (ESU) for Behavioural Health is a safe, disposable utensil used by over a thousand of hospitals, psychiatric facilities, rehabilitation centers, and other facilities around the world. It is designed to reduce incidents of suicide and harm to self or for at-risk patients. It is made from a smooth, moisture-resistant, eco-friendly paperboard, much like a paper cup, and much greener than plastic utensils. In one simple fold, it becomes the perfect sturdy, eco-friendly scoop for foods that don’t require a knife. It is also designed with safety perforation for quicker breakdown if ingested.

ESU also helps reduce the spread of COVID-19.  Because it is disposable, it helps reduce the spread of viral matter, preventing others from handling contaminated material.  

ESU is a proven solution for:

  • Suicide Watch
  • Self-harm/trauma patients, including cutters and swallowers
  • COVID 19 quarantine
  • Emergency Rooms
  • Memory Care Units

How can ESU help with some of your safe meal challenges?

  • During COVID quarantine, all meal remnants should go into a lined trash bin that is kept in the isolation area. ESU goes right into the bin, preventing others from handling contaminated material.
  • Prevents suicide and injury caused by utensils.
  • Allows more dignified options for meal service than fingers-only menus.
  • Designed with safety perforation for quicker breakdown if ingested.
  • Avoid potential humanitarian issues caused by lack of safe utensils.
  • Ultra-compact to store, FDA approved and eco-friendly paperboard.

Sold in cases of 2,500 or 5,000.

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