Derby SEG-MAXis the toughest sealed seam (RF welded) mattress in the market.  RF welded seams require no additional adhesives to be “painted” on the seams, as is common with sewn mattresses.  If you want to put an end to mattresses being torn up easily in challenging environments, using this product is a cost-effective way to combat those types of behaviours.

Derby SEG-MAX features a cover made of heavy weight polyurethane coated ballistic rip-stop material, providing our greatest seam strength - independently tested. The manufacturer applies an internal security stitch as an additional security feature. Like all of our mattress products, SEG-MAX contains no manufacturing byproduct such as polypropylene film, silk film, or other foreign material detrimental to a secure area.

To learn more about Derby SEG-MAX™, download the brochures and product specifications.

SWS Group is the exclusive distributor of Derby Mattresses in Canada.