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Trussbilt Wall Panel Systems


Detention Hollow Metal Wall Panel Systems are the most innovative and effective security wall solution available for both new construction and retrofit applications.

A steel detention wall panel system can greatly reduce costs, construction time and space, while achieving the same or greater strength and soundproofing than bulkier and more expensive precast concrete detention wall systems.

Steel detention wall panels sold and installed by SWS Detention Group meet all ASTM requirements and achieve the same Sound Transmission Class (STC) rating as an 8” block wall in a fraction of the space. These panel systems are available with 1-2 or 2-hour fire ratings.

General laborers can easily erect lightweight steel wall panels without scaffolding, forms or an army of masons. The detention facility’s superstructure and roofing system can be completed before the wall panels are installed, giving more flexibility during construction when compared to both CMU block and precast concrete modular installations. This flexibility allows General Contractors to minimize lost work days by preventing delays during cold and rainy seasons.

SWS Detention Group is a Certified Detention Equipment Contractor for installation and maintenance service and is a distributor for the Canadian market.